Friday, February 22, 2013

Recommendations on Which Of These Has The Least Hassle Carry Permit Process

Nevada has substantially reduced its concealed carry permit reciprocity list the last few years.  Only the following states' licenses are now recognized by Nevada:

New Mexico
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina*
West Virginia

I am headed to Nevada in April to visit some friends.  Theoretically, I could get a Nevada non-resident license, but Winnemucca is the closest sheriff's office, and that's a five hour drive each way.  Which of the states above are the easiest to get to issue a non-resident license?  Even cost of the license really isn't an issue -- it is the amount of time that I have to spend.


  1. Just so you know, Michigan does not issue non-resident licenses.

    In fact, we're so heavy-handed that Michigan will not recognize an out-of-state license if you're not actually from that state.

    For example a New Yorker can't carry on a Florida permit in Michigan even though we recognize Florida's (actually all states') permits. This arises out of when MI was only may-issue and residents tried to get around it by getting other states' permits and carrying with them and Michigan's universal reciprocity law.

  2. If the summary information at is accurate, Arizona is the only one of those states which issues non-resident permits to people who aren't active military personnel or spouses of same and who lack property or employment in the state in question.

  3. It appears that the summary info is not accurate. Tennessee will issue carry permits to non-residents, at least if they have a permit from their home state. Unfortunately, it appears that I have to go to a drivers license office to get the application! I'll just pop over to Tennessee on my lunch break!

  4. Correction: Tennessee will issue to non-residents who work or travel in Tennessee more than 30 hours a week.

  5. Arizona is beginning to look like the best way to do this -- I just sent a request to them for the application packet. There are a number of ways to meet the training requirement, but I am sure that the CCW class that I had to take to get my California CCW will satisfy them.

    I am not thrilled at how long it takes, but $60 for an application fee is quite reasonable.

  6. Aaron: at one time, Michigan actually recognized permits from every other state -- unless you were a resident of Michigan. This resulted in the rather bizarre situation when I went to Michigan to testify before a legislative committee in favor of a shall-issue law that I was allowed to carry concealed on my non-resident Washington State permit -- but my guests in Michigan, being residents, were not!

  7. One nice thing about getting an Arizona non-resident permit is that it appears that it will get me West Virginia recognition as well -- something that was a problem, the last time I checked, with my current stack of state permits.

  8. SC only issues non-resident permits to people who own property in the state.

  9. According to this Ammoland story, which has a link to a PDF of the text, House Bill 192 has been introduced to address this, it will allow you to get an "enhanced" CCW license that is designed for better reciprocity. I note that like Missouri, which Nevada still respects, it has an 8 hour course covering the sorts of topics the one I took.