Thursday, April 7, 2011

These Are The Days That I Get So Discouraged...

I am exhausted from teaching three sections and working full-time--and I see no realistic end in sight.  There are gobs of private sector jobs here in Boise for software engineers now--but I am apparently too old for an interview.  (I am told that I should drop the first 10-12 years of experience off my resume, so that I do not seem to know as much.)  I really can't imagine doing this 1 3/4 time employment year after year, and it is not really practical to live just on a state government job.

UPDATE: I should probably stop whining and get used to it.  This problem is not going away soon--maybe not in my life time.  One of these days, the left is going to lose control of the government, and the temptation will be very strong to take some sort of revenge--you know, like the sequence in Dr. Zhivago where the proletariat take over the Zhivago home in Moscow, and the Zhivagos have to live in one large room.  I suppose the equivalent after the Revolution (assuming that we are not too depraved of a society for that to work) would be requiring the leftists to give up their private jets, oceanfront homes, and penthouses and fly commercial, live away from the coasts, and live in ranch homes.


  1. One of my engineering professors did pretty much what you were told. He had a long history of varied experience but he only put the experience pertinent to the job he wanted and he kept his resume to one type-written page.

    Just a thought...

  2. It was certainly my experience after I turned 35 or so in the '90s that it became harder and harder to get a response ... until I scrubbed my resume of all evidence that I was that old (for other reasons the first job I listed was already one that started in 1990). The difference was like night and day.

    However I'm blessed with genes that allow me to look decades younger than I am, so the pretense could be kept up during interviews (well, at one I slipped and mentioned PDP-11s, upon which the interviewing engineers exclaimed "Just how old are you!?!??!!").

    If you could pull this off it might be worth a gamble, on the other hand if that government job is providing health care....