Thursday, April 28, 2011

Semester Is Coming To An End...

Finally.  Two more weeks and I am done.

I installed Skype on my dual boot PC this evening for an television interview that did not pan out, and oddly enough, Skype worked fine under Windows, but the sound was faint and scratchy under Linux.  I was having problems keeping the connection between the docking station and the monitor, so I removed it--and voila!  The sound problem with Skype under Linux went away.  My guess is that the docking station has some hardware problems because of connection intermittency--and somehow, the Windows device drivers managed to handle those problems, but the Linux drivers did not.

I found the Android development kit for Linux, and I may start playing around with this once the summer hits.  If no private sector company will hire me, perhaps I will have to figure out some clever app for the Android phones, and make some money that way.


  1. Make a two paned file browser where one pane can be an ssh, ftp, or cifs session. I'd buy that. I'm currently using AndFTP, which supports FTP, SFTP, and if you buy it SSH. The SFTP support is so slow that I refuse to pay for it hoping that SSH will be faster.

  2. How about an Android game where you throw autistic kids with glasses at pigs cowering under unstable furniture to kill them? We could call it Angry Nerds.

    Just send my half of the earnings to my Swiss bank account....