Friday, April 29, 2011

Something Shocking Has Happened

Top notch customer service.  I have a Char-Broil brand gas barbecue (model 463751306) that we bought shortly after we moved into this house.  We get some awful windstorms up here (in the original sense of awful: "awe-inspiring").  We have had heavy tables and chairs picked up and carried away by the wind.  The barbecue has been knocked over a number of times. In one recent expression of Mother Nature's fury, the handle on the barbecue cover was utterly shattered, and the valve controlling gas flow was jammed hopelessly into the on position.

I emailed customer service at Char-Broil because I could not quite figure out which part to order.  They responded by phone a day or two later with a detailed and useful message.  I called back, and quickly determined what parts I needed with a representative who was clearly interested in getting my barbecue working at minimal cost in repairs.

I could learn to love this.

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