Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarah Palin: Great Speaker

See it here.  And without a teleprompter.

Maybe she isn't qualified to be President.  But she sure looks a heck of a lot stronger than any other Republican whose name is being discussed.


  1. She can't be LESS qualified than Obama.

  2. If you believe she "isn't qualified" to be President:

    1. Have you thought carefully about exactly what "qualified" means?

    2. Do you evaluate other prospective candidates by the same metrics?

    3. Do you believe that only long-time professional politicians can really be "qualified"?

  3. Yes, I evaluate other prospective candidates by the same metrics:

    1. Level of knowledge about world affairs, economics, and history. Palin scores very well in this area--better than Reagan and George W. Bush and way better than Barack "Austrian" Obama.

    2. Experience in an executive position of a large government. Palin outscores Obama in 2008 on this one, but not Reagan in 1980 or W in 2000.

    3. Ability to speak and present her point of view in public speeches. Palin is well above W on this, and not much inferior (if any) to Reagan. She is easily the equal of Obama + teleprompter, and far superior to Obama left to his own limited wits.

    4. Ability to engage effectively with hostile reporters. Palin is weak in this area, although better than Reagan. I have read her explanation of what happened with the Katie Couric interview, and to be honest, it is a very weak excuse that she gives. I am convinced that she is capable of doing better--but this is an area where experience matters.

    Believe me: I really like Palin. I wish that there had been some way for her to stay in the governor's office in Alaska. She would be a much more powerful contender because of it. We may not have anyone stronger to lead with in this election. I wish that we did.