Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Those Who Regard Zombies...

as the most pressing social concern in the world today: the first Zombie Proof House

I have a vague recollection of reading that during the ten year or so civil war between Stephen and Matilda in the twelfth century over who would rule England, the country was so lawless that any houses built above the mud hut level were effectively fortresses.  This looks like the sort of house that rich people will have built for the civil collapse that is likely to happen if we do not do something about these yawning budget deficits now.

At this point, I am quite prepared to accept an increase in taxes as long as it includes substantial spending cuts.  Why, I could even tolerate something as barbaric and savage as the federal government spending levels of 2006 to accomplish this.  I would find a two point increase in marginal income tax rates on people making above a million dollars a year an acceptable part of such a budget, even though it would only make a small difference in the net deficit.  (Since these would be mostly Democrats who funded Obama's 2008 campaign, do not count on that happening.)

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