Friday, March 25, 2011

Those Of You Who Voted For Obama To Protect Civil Liberties

From the March 24, 2011 Wall Street Journal:
New rules allow investigators to hold domestic-terror suspects longer than others without giving them a Miranda warning, significantly expanding exceptions to the instructions that have governed the handling of criminal suspects for more than four decades.
The move is one of the Obama administration's most significant revisions to rules governing the investigation of terror suspects in the U.S. And it potentially opens a new political tussle over national security policy, as the administration marks another step back from pre-election criticism of unorthodox counterterror methods.
Now, there might be some legitimate public policy questions about whether there should be a terrorism exception to the Miranda warning--the 24 type of scenarios involving ticking nuclear bombs and such.  There is even a legitimate argument about whether the Supreme Court's Miranda decision was wrong or not.  However, if you voted for Obama because you were worried about the PATRIOT Act's abuse of civil liberties, what are you going to say now?  Over at Volokh Conspiracy, Paul Cassell points to the problems with this, but I love the comment on Cassell's posting:
If only Barack Obama had been elected President we would not have Sarah Palin’s Rethuglican Thugs trampling our civil rights and bringing on the dark night of fascism. 
And you thought Obama won the 2008 election?  I guess not!

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