Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Right To Bear Pitchforks

Pitchforks and torches are the traditional angry peasants weapons in the Old World.  (We're a bit better off than that here.)  Nonetheless, it is amusing to see an Arizona court recognize that the Second Amendment protects the right to bear pitchforks in a courthouse--where you can carry a gun.  The part of the decision that refers to "holstered pitchforks" still has me a bit confused.  Does Galco or DeSantis make pitchfork holsters yet?  (I would not mind this Galco holster for my Colt Mustang.)


  1. Torches may not earn similar protections, though...

  2. As Volokh says, "At the time, the county let people with holstered handguns enter because state law “requir[ed] the County to provide temporary storage for ‘deadly weapons’ if the County intended to require persons to remove their weapons upon entry to the building,” and the county did not have such temporary storage available at the time. " - State Law, not a Second Amendment decision.

    (Though I suspect, naturally, that the Second Amendment should cover pitchforks, even though they're not actually very well suited to military use...)

  3. Personally, I'm holding out for one of those nifty wooden rakes.