Saturday, March 12, 2011

The State of My Workshop & State of My Nerddom

I needed to measure 120 degree angles for a jig that I am building--but I could not find a protractor in my workshop or office.  But I guess it shows what a nerd that I am that it was faster to write something in PostScript to produce 10 degree angles of exactly the size of circle that I needed.


  1. When I built my BattleBot, I made extensive use of Paper Aided Manufacturing. That's one thing I miss about my old large-format Epson, it's ability to take roll paper and print three foot long patterns.

  2. draw a circle using a compass, then using the same compass set one leg on the circle and scribe an arc that intersects the circle at both extremes of the arc. scribe another arc starting at the intersection of the arc and the circle connect thethrree intersection points to form an equilateral triangle- a triangle that has three 120 degree interior angles

  3. This assumes that I can find a compass! Thanks, for reviving memories of high school geometry!