Sunday, March 27, 2011

Advertising That Doesn't Seem To Work

I set up Google AdWords to try and sell ScopeRoller products.  After a week, there have been 147,254 impressions (meaning that something in a search or a webpage caused a ScopeRoller ad to appear).  From that, there were 171 click throughs--meaning that someone found the ad sufficiently intriguing to visit the ScopeRoller website.  The average cost per click was $0.16--which is not at all expensive--but it generated not a single order--or even a single question.

Maybe I will try again in summer.


  1. That is because there is no specific reason for someone to buy your scope roller, other than "hey, here is my scope roller -- buy it now!".

    You need to ask youself: "why does advertising on tv work?". I mean, you don't watch tv to see ads, right? Nope - you turn on the tv because of the show you want to watch.

    So, Clayton... What is your tv show?

    Instead of advertising, focus on building a community of people around you and your product.

  2. If Adwords was able to get people to your site, then the advertising mechanism worked fine. The problem is the website was unable to make the sale.

    The trick with Adwords is making sure the landing page contains the exact information the potential customer was searching for on Google. If not, they will simply click back when they get to your page.

    Once you get the hang of Adwords, it is quite effective, but the learning curve can be expensive.

    The fact you were getting 861 or so impressions per day tells me that your targeted keywords are too broad. I doubt that many people per day are searching for problems that the ScopeRoller can solve. Tighten up your keywords, it will save you money and increase sales if the landing page matches what they wanted.

  3. I have been trying to find reasonable cost advertising for my law practice. But I can't find anything that has a reasonable return either.

  4. Yes, the ads are getting people to my site--and yes, better keywords might help. I'm just sure what those keywords might be!

  5. Google ads would get visitors, but again, just why in the world should a visitor turn into a paying customer?

    You need to build a community of like-minded people around your products. Give them a reason to go to your website OTHER than your products, provide something that they'll value, give yourself a warm market of potetntial customers that will want to go to your website each and every day.

    Sales isn't always necessarily about making the sale (especially as it relates to web-based sales).

    Good luck!

  6. Your ScopeRoller website is horrible. Hire a student to do a professional looking website.