Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Protecting Civil Liberties

A great opening from the March 8, 2011 Richmond Times-Dispatch:

America needs a Republican president again.

Not because having a Republican president is intrinsically better than having a Democratic one, mind you. It's just that when a Republican is running the show, liberals — the traditional defenders of civil liberties — stand ready to growl and snap at the slightest infringement. With a Democrat in office, they tend to roll onto their backs and wait for someone to rub their bellies.
He goes on to point out that Obama has utterly failed to keep his promises--such as closing Gitmo--and actively embraced many of the Bush policies that were supposedly signs that the dark night of fascism was descending on America.  Why, you might almost get the impression that all the huffing and puffing back a few years ago was not about civil liberties at all!


  1. As much as I tend to dislike their hyperbole and hysteria, I must hand it to groups like EFF and EPIC.

    They, at least, don't seem to care who's President or who's got a majority in Congress.

    (Though the effect still hits them, if only because the sources that would otherwise trumpet their press releases to the sky are less likely to...)

  2. Isn't this a sort of "You're money or your life" situation? If the Republicans hold the White House the Democrats do what they can to trash the economy (at least starting with G. H. W. Bush), if it's a Democrat anything goes in trashing civil liberties (going back to at least Woodrow Wilson).