Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Righthaven Sues PajamasMedia

From February 7, 2011 TechDirt:

Righthaven Goes After Pajamas Media, Despite DMCA Agent & Strong Fair Use Case

from the thought-righthaven-was-avoiding-those-things dept

It's been a little while since we covered what newspaper copyright troll Righthaven was up to, but Eric Goldman alerts us to one recent legal filing from the operation that raises some questions. Historically, Righthaven has been careful to avoid websites that have registered a DMCA agent, knowing that under the DMCA it's supposed to issue a takedown notice before suing. However, this case, in going after the successful blog network Pajamas Media, appears to ignore the fact that Pajamas Media has registered.
I guess there's a shortage of ambulances to chase in Las Vegas.


  1. It would be nice to see a counter-suit against Righthaven for their abuse of the legal system. Perhaps this time they've picked on someone with deep enough pockets to afford the counter-suit.

  2. I predict Righthaven will be (metaphorically speaking) besieged by an army of law students and former law students.