Monday, February 21, 2011

There Are Days That I Wonder What Snopes Is Smoking

Someone forwarded me a clip of a speech that Obama gave during the campaign, where he referred to the importance of providing services for returning vets--and mentioned that his father served in World War II.  Of course, that's impossible.  His father was 9 when World War II ended.  His stepfather was 10.

So, is the video faked or dubbed?

So I went to, and they agree that the video is real, and Obama said that, and obviously, neither his father nor stepfather could have served in World War II.  But it is not a lie!  They admit that it isn't true, but decided that it was a slip of the tongue--because his grandfather served in World War II, and obviously, a major party candidate would not intentionally make a false statement, knowing that the news media would analyze his every word.  NOT!


  1. I dunno Clayton, I think this sort of thing might be plausible to let slide. We certainly have enough other clearly legitimate beefs against the moonbat messiah. Of course we never heard the end of similar gaffes as proof of Bush's idiocy.....

    Anyway, he probably was high when he said '57 states.' That's not even close to anything that's true.

  2. So, what's a good alternative to Snopes?

  3. Hmmm. I kind of see the point, though. His grandfather functioned as a father.

    But I'll give you this. No one would have bothered to explain a slip of the tongue by GWB.

  4. Snopes has been drifting to the left for a few years now. It's not at all reliable for anything to do with politics and I wonder if it's at all reliable.

    Of course, if George W. Bush had said that his father fought in WWII, it would be the truth!

    Still, every verbal misstep by a Republican is a "lie" or worse proof of their stupidity. Every verbal misstep by the most vacuous President ever is a mere "slip of the tongue".

  5. I have given up on snopes and now use TruthOrFiction:

  6. I'm with Dom, in that I remember this when it happened and gave Obama a pass for the same reason.

    That the media and the twittering Left would have skewered a Republican President unfairly for it doesn't make it fair to do so in return.