Thursday, February 17, 2011

These Are The Sort of Stories That Really Freak Me Out

Pam Geller over at Atlas Shrugs summarizes news accounts from San Diego in which a taxicab slowly drives into a crowd on a sidewalk, causing severe injuries to more than two dozen people.  It appears that the taxi driver tried to use scissors on people who were trying to get him out of the car (and who apparently did not see this as an accident).  Later accounts finally identify the driver--an Egyptian, and apparently a bit odd.  But in spite of what appears to be an intentional attack--no charges against the driver!

It does seem as though police and news organizations are going way overboard to avoid suggesting that there might be a terrorist motivation involved--or even to hold this guy responsible for what seems to have been an intentional attack. Maybe it is just a medication problem:

It's not clear if Daly had diabetes but it does appear he was on some kind of medication at the time of the crash.

Rose says, "he had just changed medications and that made him very sleepy and fatigued the night of the accident and that he blacked out."
Sure seems a bit weird.

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  1. Indeed; when I read the initial account and what wasn't being said it was clear that if it wasn't an illegal alien it was an outbreak of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.