Saturday, February 19, 2011

Always Fun To Make Something New

I have a customer in Spain who was so pleased with the caster set that I made for his telescope mount that he asked me to make something similar for a camera tripod upon which he has mounted some 100mm binoculars.  The angles were a bit different, and this is a bit smaller of a unit than what I make for telescope tripods.

It was still rather fun, mostly because I was using some new techniques.  Instead of just putting the piece in the chop saw to make a 10 degree cut (which would be dangerous to hold on such a small piece, and I am not going to make a holder for one set), I put the workpiece into a chuck mounted on a tilt table, and then used the fly cutter in the vertical mill to make a perfect end.  Unlike the chop saw, which is not very precise, these came out very precise as to length.

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