Saturday, June 8, 2024

Trash Compactors

Our beloved house on the mountain had a trash compactor.   I was so impressed with one in a house a friend rented in Hermosa Beach many years ago, thst I decided we needed one, especially because we had no garbage service. Reducing volume mattered.

Here it is becoming increasingly of interest.  Because we are on a private road, we have to roll our toters to the public street a couple hundred yards away.  At this point, because my cardiologist seems to think being too shortwinded to walk that far is nothing in need of fixing, my wife gets the job.  Reducing this to one toter seems a good argument for a compactor. 

There is really no appropriate spot in the kitchen for an undercover compactor which means either putting it in the garage and emptying inside trash cans into it, or finding s spot in our absurdly large pantry for it.

The problem is thst I am having trouble finding a compactor that is not intended for undercounter mounting.  There are manual ones where you crush it down with a tool, but I really do not want to do that.

I finally found one.


  1. my brother moves his garbage nearly a third of a mile with a 4 wheeler (I think Kawasaki, but it doesn't matter) and a small, low flatbed trailer so they don't have to worry about the volume nor mass (and compacted trash still has the same mass).

  2. The real solution is to get a Gator, or a trailer for the mower (do you have a big mower or a tractor, or are you surrounded by woods?)

    I just walk mine. It isn't "100s of yards" more like several hundred feet. Maybe 100 yards. And it is paved which makes a difference, but causes other problems.

    I'm surprised that the doctor isn't pushing low-energy cardio training... like walking out to the street...