Wednesday, June 5, 2024

I Will Use His Name Once for Searching

Isaac Zamora murdered six people in Skagit County, Washington in 2009.  I am trying to find news accounts thst identify the weapons he used.  The USA Today database says "semiautomatic rifle "  the Wikipedia page says Winxhester lever action rifle and shotgun stolen from a neighbor.   Some news accounts ssy rifle and handgun.  No account thst I have found identifies the rifle.

Can you find a news account thst identifies the rifle?

Washington State paid $9 million in damages to next of kin because when jailed, the severity of his mental illness problems were not adequately identified and he was not given sufficient supervision after release.

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    ". . . broke into a home on Bridal Place in Alger to steal a lever-action Winchester rifle, a handgun and ammunition before killing his first two victims"
    That is a news article specifying "lever action" that seems based on authoritative police reports.
    I'd think that the active 2nd Amdmt forums of the time would have discussion of this, with links to articles, and so if one could find those discussions that would be a good way of finding the links to the articles.