Monday, May 27, 2024

I Whined a Couple Weeks Ago About a Lenovo Yoga That Refused to Keep a WiFi Connection

 I pulled out my travel Lenovo to sit on the back porch and write C and the same problem appeared.  I suspect an out of date driver that is part of the latest Windows 11 update will solve it.  Of course to get that update over an unreliable WiFi was impossible but fortunately one of my routers had an unused RJ45 port so away we go.

And it worked!  I will upgrade the Yoga later today.

I may have spoken too soon.  The WiFi icon appears but browsers report no Internet, then it reappears.

No, it seems stable.

Better but connections keep dropping.   To my pleasure,  I see it is still under extended warranty  


  1. Has something else changed in the environment? Moved the router? Added something that produces interference?

    I would first look at updating the firmware on the router, and then I might look at a new router with a mesh support. Is it everywhere, or just in certain rooms? If you camp out next to the router does the problem go away or get better?

    1. Weird. Lenovo is sending out a tech to repair it. Thia router has mesh support and it worked when we first moved in. The Lenovo Yoga 9 has the same symptoms. My Lenovo P17 works fine. So does every other WiFi device in the house.