Friday, May 12, 2023

Never Offend With Style When You Can Offend With Substance

"a tenured history professor for the "serious misconduct" of handing out chocolate, he claims.

"The composition of the chocolate wasn't the problem for Madera Community College, David Richardson told Just the News. It was the gender pronouns on the wrappers: "He/Him" for chocolate bars with nuts and "She/Her" for the "nutless" version, reflecting the human sexual binary."

Oh yes, he's gay.  He also got in trouble for an email to a trans colleague where he described his pronouns as "do, re, mi."

Unnecessarily provocative I would say but suspension for a fairly subtle "hostile workplace" violation distributing chocolate shows how broken the whole trans thing has become, along with the institutions doing things that are positively the stupidest expression of progressive "thought."

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