Saturday, September 3, 2022

Curious Features on My Wife's New Tucson

1. The keyfob has buttons to tell it to creep slowly forward or backward for those situations where idiots have parked to close to open your doors.  We have not had reason to use this feature yet.

2. Depending on how long you have been driving and the number of warnings you have received about staying in lane, you will get a display of a steaming cup of coffee and a suggestion that you may want to take a break.

3. Under conditions I have not yet identified, it will tell you to put both hands on the steering wheel.
4. If the car ahead of you pulls away, it will inform you.

5. Of course automatic braking if something gets in the "too close for comfort" distance. 

It is not self-driving but it definitely is an aid to tired drivers.


  1. I have #4 on my car. I call it the "Wake up, Grandpa" alert.

  2. The self-parking feature is, to me, just about the ultimate in selfishness. The 'unpark' is great - you come out and someone has blocked you in? No problem, the car will ease itself out so you can get in.
    But the self-parking? That's so you can say "sure, there's just barely enough room between these cars for my car to fit but it'll be fine, right?" Fine for you maybe, but what about me? Now I'm the one who comes out and finds some jerkwad has parked right up against my driver's side door. How am I supposed to get in my car? Do that to me and I will *not* be happy and, eventually, I will make sure that *you* aren't happy either.

    1. KCSteve: I had not thought of that abusive form of self-parking.

  3. Need to do multiple spell checking.

  4. Automatic braking prevents automotive breaking.