Tuesday, August 9, 2022

That Arc Problem

I believe that this discussion led me to the right solution.  I have a 1" wide piece of plastic that I want to fit on a 10" diameter tube.  Using a .25" diameter end mill: 

g1 x.5 y.125 f1 (takes me to one end of the workpiece with end mill at face)

g3 x-.5 y0.125 r5 f1 (cut an arc to opposite side of workpiece for a 5" diameter circle)

g3 x.5 y.125 r5 f25 (cleaning cut to make an even surface)

Move z down .01" and repeat until z = whatever the depth needs to be.

It works okay in backplot mode in linuxcnc running under Oracle VM VirtualBox, but it has been too hot in the garage to go try it on a real piece of acetal.

The garage is tolerable so I went outside.  I needed to reverse my x and y axes for the workpiece that I have and added feed rates.  I also used cut and paste in emacs to make a series of passes .1 deeper than the last.  At first glance it looks right.

Here it is on the outside of a 10" diameter tube.  I could have done a better job centering the arc on the workpiece and gone farther out but it clearly did the arc it needed.

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