Friday, August 26, 2022

Small Town America Mass Murders

While many of these incidents take place in big cities (where people live in large concentrations), much like today, many are in very small towns, such as Merriman, Nebraska.  I wonder if some of these are crimes of opportunity in places where there was no fear of opening the door to a stranger.  They are often unknown as to reason.

Merriman, Nebr. (1952)

03/26/1952: An unknown person shot and killed the father, wounded the mother, and a son.  As the mother called for help, the murderer circled the house and shot the mother fatally as she held the phone.  A neighbor, unaware of what had happened approached the murderer’s car as he left and was wounded.  The murderer also shot to death another neighbor who approached the murderer’s car.

Category: family non-resident

Suicide: no

Cause: unknown

Weapon: shotgun, pistol[1]

[1] "Ranchers Hunt Murderer Who Slew 3 People", [Columbia City, Ind.] Commercial-Mail, Mar. 27, 1952, 1.

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