Wednesday, August 31, 2022

I See a First Amendment Challenge

8/28/22 New York Times:
"Trying to strike a balance between free speech and public health, California’s Legislature on Monday approved a bill that would allow regulators to punish doctors for spreading false information about Covid-19 vaccinations and treatments."

I am wondering if a government taking your medical license is really lawful.  There is a lot of claims being made that seem to not survive careful analysis, but even if a doctor says something incorrect if he actually believes it to be true, his First Amendment rights are being denied.  California fascist government.  No surprise. 


  1. "Trying to strike a balance between free speech and public health"
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall the First Amendment getting balanced against any other public interest. As far as I know, until this century, the corrective for bad speech was more speech.

    1. Freedom of speech has always had some limits. Libel, slander, incitement to riot, threats of violence where that threat has a practical method of implementation. (If I threaten to beat up by phone, that is free speech; not if I say that while holding a baseball bat a few feet away.)