Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A Libertarian Fantasy Comes to Life

 7/25/22 PJMedia:

There’s a new crowdfunding craze in Minneapolis, the city that helped birth the #DefundThePolice movement: Police officers.

Residents of the City of Lakes are so fed up with rising crime and decreasing police patrols that they’re hiring off-duty cops.

The crowdfunding effort is officially sanctioned by the Minneapolis Safety Initiative, created by the city council earlier this year.

The program’s “suggested contribution” is $220 per month, per household. That’s a “buyback” (their word) of two hours of additional patrolling each month.

“In aggregate,” the Safety Initiative’s site claims, “we expect that all neighbors’ contributions will purchase 10 hours of additional patrol per day, based on the number of households that we expect to contribute.”

The first step towards defunding local government!

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