Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Busy Day

My wife hates unreliable cars so much that she does not like to wait for them to become a problem.   In addition our Springer Spaniels need more room.  The back seat is currently occupied by a cover to keep the seats clean from the dogs so it is generally too dirty to transport both grandkids.  The dogs currently ride in the back seat (the space behind the back sear is a bit crowded for them).  We went to a Mazda dealer where the sales associate informed us that they could not get new Mazdas to have on the lot; they were all sold before they arrived.   This is almost believable; the CX-5 and CX-50 have awesome reviews. 

The Jeep Compass was bigger than the Renegade behind the back seat but not dramatically so.

At the Hyundai dealer they had no new Tucsons. It seems anything Asian is in short supply.  They did have a certified Tucson Limited (the luxury version, all the electronics you good ever need with 1700 miles).  A couple bought this very expensive car, then separated, so back to the dealer it went.

We took it for a test drive and we bought it.  Leather seats with A/C ventilation in the seats (and of course heat for winter and a heated steering wheel).  Lane deviation warning with either beeping or actual intervention (thanks I still want to drive just warn me, please).  Along with the backup camera now required on all new cars, there was a feature that still mystifies me: at least in reverse you get a birds eye view showing you everything around the car.  Blinkers on gives a backward view better than the side view mirrors.  Lumbar support on the driver's seat.  A passenger seat with enough legroom for my 6'4" son-in-law (the little one in his family).  Sunroof.  Quiet enough at freeway speeds.  4WD with snow and mud settings.  Big back seat and only slightly wider than the Jeep.  And Hyundai's 10 year, 100,000 mile power train warranty.  Lots more storage space for luggage. Power lift gate.

Best of all, replacing the Jeep reduced our auto insurance $186/year.  I am guessing blind side avoidance has paid off in accident claims. 

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