Thursday, June 18, 2020

Clear Night Tonight

I have to stay up until 10:30 but M13 will not escape me!


Jay Karamales said...

I look forward to the results. :-) Last night in the hot tub, even though our patio faces south towards Boise, was glorious.

tkc said...

I wonder, if one lived on a planet orbiting a star in M13, would it always be 'daytime'?

Here is a picture of our Sun and some planets from Voyager 1

But that is just 1 star. M13 has thousands. Would such a planet have a bright night sky like a full moon or would it always be daytime due to the light from nearby stars.

JLW III said...

I originally mis-read m13 as ms-13. I thought you needed the clear night to go out and do some sniping.