Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tsai's Kitchen, Middleton

Best Chinese food I have had in Idaho.  Tiny restaurant, still open reduced hours.  The big winner from this crisis is the shops making OPEN banners.


Windy Wilson said...

That's good to hear it's good. I've found Chinese restaurants in strange places in my travels, including one in Bischofshofen, a market town about 30 miles south of Salzburg, Austria. The strangest Mexican food I ever had was in Great Falls, Montana. I think the cook Looked at the chili pepper can when he made the food.
There is, believe it or not, a "Mao's Kitchen in Venice off Windward.
No Adolf's Kueche, oddly enough.

JohnG said...

I'm all for supporting my local favorite restaurant, but how do you know that the cook isn't infected with any virus, including Covid-19? Maybe the virus dies in the heat of cooking the food but handling the container it's put in when cooking is finished?

Or, how about the front end person who bags the food up and gives you change at the register?

Take out is risky. Not as much, apparently, as sit-down eating but it's still risky.

My opinion, based only on my desire for a comfort level, is wait a month or two for take out.

Nothing is leaving the planet!