Wednesday, March 4, 2020

California Refugees

2/21/2020 KTVB.
BOISE, Idaho — Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, but that population growth is not moving the needle towards the left on the state's political landscape - it's only cementing the Republican majority in the state.
This matches my experience; natives lean Democrat because most have never lived under Democrat rule.


BFR said...

A Californian with an R attached is, in majority, no different than a Massachusetts or Rhode Island R. Cementing an Idaho R majority with those "genetics" does not produce anything except what they created in the place that they fled.

Here is a shibboleth test to easily determine the bona fides of any self-identified "conservative":

1. What type of laws do we need for firearm safety?

A: None

Any other answer betrays either ignorance of the dynamic or complicity with the narrative.

2. Do you think that government should tax citizens more than God taxes people?

A: No.

Any other answer should require a reasoned defense. Theonomy is inescapable; the only question is whose theo.

3. Do you think that government should shrink in size, with each agency or department required to cut its budget by 10% annually for the next five successive years.

A: Yes. Every citizen is required to live within their means; government shall not be a special case to this rule.

4. What welfare benefits should government provide to people who are needy?

A: None. Charity is not the responsibility of civil government. The man who does not work shall not eat. Using the compulsory (and ultimately lethal) force of government to extract money from those who work for redistribution, while taking its cut, is not charity, it is theft.

5. If you identify as a conservative, why do you send your children to the government for education?

A. Trick question; there is no good answer, only rationalizations.

Clayton Cramer said...

California had and still has many conservatives. They are a distinct minority but are moving this way.

Not every person in need is capable of working. The poorhouse has been part of English law since Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, eliminating the great charitable efforts they provided.

BFR said...

The Church is the ministry of grace and charity; civil government is the ministry of justice including equity law.

Regarding the "poorhouse"; the codification of theft does not change what it is.

People without arms or legs, using prosthetics or other ambulation aids still go out every day into the work-force.
Those "incapable" of working are of such a small amount that they would hardly constitute a rounding error. Even 7 year old children can be made to perform chores.

"Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths...A worker’s appetite works for him; his hunger urges him on."

A good article:

StormCchaser said...

I live in Arizona, and we have economic refugees from California who vote for the same policies here that caused them to leave California.

So I am not as sanguine about this invasion.

Trump, build the wall - right up the eastern border of the coastal states!