Monday, March 30, 2020

It Doesn't Take Much to Bring Out the Totalitarian

Mayor de Blasio threatens to permanently close houses of worship if they do not obey his quarantine rules.

Yet the subways are still open.  3/24/20 New York Times:
As the coronavirus engulfs New York, the city’s public transportation network is slashing service at least 25 percent as ridership plummets and an increasing number of sick workers hobbles the ability to run the system normally.

The decision on Tuesday to cut service on the nation’s largest transportation network came after subway ridership plunged a staggering 87 percent, or nearly 4.8 million riders, compared with the same day last year. Personnel shortages forced the the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which oversees subway, buses and two commuter rails, to temporarily eliminate service on three subway lines: the B, W and Z.
Of course, everyone is staying six feet apart on the subways.

Imagine if President Clinton were in charge.

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Windy Wilson said...

If Clinton were in charge, we'd not be in a wild panic because the media would have done their Rip van Winkle imitation and sawing logs, so we'd all believe everything BJ Bill said.

As someone who had read DeBlasio's threatened quarantine order, he mentioned Churches and Synagogues. Oddly, not Mosques. Once again, no one wants to cross the religion of peace. In the meantime, Iran continues to be hard hit by the virus.