Thursday, March 19, 2020

Access Gurus

With the assistance of one of my very helpful readers, I am moving the spreadsheet of horror into Access.  (An RDBMS is really the right way to do this.)  There is an incident table with one row per mass murder.  It has an incident_source_id which points to an incident_source table containing source_id (key), article title, newspaper, date, and page number (as one long string) and a URL string.  There can be multiple sources per incident.  (I think I need to add more incident_source_id fields to incident table or multiple fields to incident_source.) 

Right now, I add an incident in a row until I reach source_id field, at which point I add an entry to the incident_source table, and put its id into the incident.source_id field.  It would be much simpler if I could click some button to switch to the incident_source table, enter that row, and then click another button to go back to incident.source_id with the new going in automatically.  Any ideas?

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Dean in Az said...

You make a data entry form and add all the data into all the tables via a join query that drives the form. Been awhile since I have done that, not sure exactly how on this newfangled "Office 360" BS.