Sunday, April 1, 2018

Not Sure the Relative Populations, But An Amazing Headline

From the Daily Mail:
London murder rate is HIGHER than New York's for the first time ever after TWELVE killings in just 19 days
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  1. Roughly similar populations, according to an article I read.

  2. If they are using the term "rate" correctly (a big if), then the population doesn't matter as long as it isn't miniscule.

  3. Whatever numbers they are admitting to, the actual is probably much higher. The way they track and account for deaths in England is rife with tricks to bury crime data. Even if they were not doing it deliberately (but they are), there is no way to compare numbers due to the bookkeeping differences between there and here. They do not label it murder until a person has been pronounced guilty and sentenced for the crime.

  4. Just did the comparison with my son, 8.5m NYC and 8.7m London.

  5. On one hand: This cannot be possible! After all, guns are banned there.

    On the other hand: This is knife killings, not evil guns! So once-Great Britain will ban all knives, not just the pointy kind, and thus restore peace to that wonderfully diverse kingdom; sporks are peaceful, though they don't cut steaks well.

    On the gripping hand: The sun has set on the British Empire. It is no longer British.