Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Another Mass Murder

04/03/18 CBS Los Angeles:
Nicely summarized in comments as, "Muslim vegan animal rights nut from Iran who was wearing a head scarf at the time she attacked."  And in a state with among the most restrictive gun laws in America.

Doesn't fit the narrative.


Eskyman said...

Apparently she wasn't Muslim; though she was a PETA-supporting Vegan nut, who was upset because YouTube had been censoring and demonetizing her videos. (She has my sympathy for that last part, as it usually happens to conservatives.)

She did, however, abide by all the multitudinous CA gun control laws: she bought her handgun legally, waited 10 days to pick it up, registered the purchase, underwent the background check, etc. etc, showing exactly how much good these laws do. I'm willing to bet that the YouTube campus was also a "gun-free zone."

Unfortunately for Herr Hitler Hogg & friends, she is apparently not a Republican member of the NRA.

Will said...

The highest Niks check numbers are in CA. LOTS of guns being sold here. The local gun store/range looks like the UN holding a meeting. Not just us OWGs buying guns. Or guys, for that matter.

Joseph said...

It doesn't fit the other narrative. This is a reminder of two facts:

1) Immigrants are assimilating.
2) Assimilation is not always a good thing.

If the YouTube shooter were unassimilated, she would have been married long ago and would have sacriced a lamb at Eid al-Adha. She was not only assimilated by the Hivemind, she was an animal rights activist ... the Hivemind's close-order drill when they're between crusades.