Thursday, July 6, 2017

Everyone's A Winner!

7/5/17 Daily Mail:
More than half of primary schools are holding non-competitive sports days that fail to announce ‘winners’, according to a new survey.
They host events where individual children are not singled out to compete but instead work in teams and are recognised simply for taking part.
The findings have been revealed in a poll by Families Online which warns that youngsters must learn that ‘losing is completely ok’.

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Won't that be wonderful in the real world?


Rich Rostrom said...

For most children under the age of 12, competition is not appropriate. Their physical development is mostly incomplete, and they are still learning how to do things. The best thing is for them to go out and try, and be active.

Also, when children are grouped by "year", the oldest children in each cohort will be significantly older than the youngest, and more likely to be the top performers, while the youngest will be outclassed and embarrassed. This leads to the older-in-cohort children enjoying sports and persisting, while younger-in-cohort children drop out if they can. The final result can be seen in pro sports: the distribution of birthdays is skewed to the early part of the year.

Eskyman said...

I totally disagree with Rich above (no offense, Rich.)

Today everyone gets participation trophies, and no one is competitive.

"Everyone is special."

Clayton Cramer said...

This is somewhat painful. I was typically a year or more younger than my classmates, and I was always last picked for teams, and first picked for violent attacks. My lack of competitiveness in sports never bothered me. I competed in the classroom.