Saturday, July 22, 2017

Obscure Metals

I ordered from Amazon, a sheet of solid tin, which when it arrived was tin coated steel.  RotoMetals has all sorts of exotic metals: tin; gallium; indium; lead; bismuth; and cstuff that makes me scratch my head: crab shrimp pot anode?


Fidel said...

Just like a zinc anode for a boat, to offer a sacrificial metal for electrolysis.

Particularly in salt water, dissimilar metal corrosion is a big issue so a cheap, easily replaced and non-noble metal is offered up.

On my boats, for instance, I'd much rather replace an anode than the prop or prop shaft (which are different metals, and touching)

Rick C said...

Could be like the anode in a hot water heater, to keep the pot from corroding?