Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What a Tragedy

1/3/17 Los Angeles Times:
Mass murderer Charles Manson seriously ill, moved to hospital, sources say
I try not to hold grudges, but the barbarism of what he had his followers do was pretty monstrous.  I still remember the news.  My sister and cousin and I had just returned from an amazing High Sierras backpacking trip.


Billy Oblivion said...

The news we heard was "Charles Manson Rushed To Hospital".

My wife's response was "Did they really have to rush?"

James Gibson said...

I wasn't even 10 years old when they did their killings. But I lived for years dreading his continued existence behind prison walls, the followers he continued to generate, and the threat that he would actually be released. Like Fidel Castro, the demise of Charles Manson is long overdue (by whatever cause).

Rich Rostrom said...

Actually, Manson was not a murderer himself - he ordered the murders done. There is no question about his responsibility or his guilt, but it was indirect.

Windy Wilson said...

In effect, then, he was a cult Stalin, persuading others to do the evil directly.
Whatever he's in hospital for, I hope it's nothing trivial.