Thursday, November 10, 2016

When Women's Suffrage Was First Proposed...

Critics said it was a bad idea, because women would just vote for the most attractive candidate (which men have obviously never done).  Hilary Clinton tried to make this election about candidate plumbing, and it does not appear to have worked.  Yahoo News reports:
Los Angeles (AFP) - Despite sex assault allegations hounding him, fat-shaming a former beauty queen and his controversial abortion stand, a large number of women voters helped put Donald Trump in the White House.
Though his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, clinched 54 percent of the female vote, Trump was backed by 42 percent of women voters, which contributed to his stunning victory, according to CNN exit polls.
Some 53 percent of white women voters supported the Republican candidate, CNN said, the majority of them (62 percent) non-college educated.
The results upended predictions that sexist and degrading comments Trump made against women would sway female voters -- who accounted for about 52 percent of the electorate Tuesday -- in favor of a candidate that could have broken the glass ceiling.
Obviously, large numbers of women either thought his vulgarity was less important than more substantial issues, or they were not taken in by the female equivalent of, "Imagine a President our color."  And:
Juliet Williams, professor of gender studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, said Trump's shocking win could be attributed to a disconnect -- both among Republicans and Democrats -- when it came to women's voting.
"A narrative about this election took hold very early on and that narrative was that Trump was mobilizing the angry white man vote, with angry white men (such as) coal miners in West Virginia or unemployed auto workers in Michigan," Williams said.
"Frankly, all of us on the right and the left really should have wondered what the angry white vote means," she added.
"What we learned yesterday is that angry white women have political power too ... and if you allow yourself to forget about women, you are going to lose. This is what happened to Hillary."
Angry white vote.  No mention of Cuban-Americans turning out in huge numbers for Trump in Florida?  It's not about race.  It's about being screwed over by the millionaires and billionaires that own the Democratic Party.

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James Gibson said...

Angry white men have power too, even if you decide to say they don't exist, which this Juliet Williams seems to do. Only Angry White women in her mind were disregarded, much to the detriment of Hillary. THis all being said, I tried to submit my resume for a Tech writer position the other day. Immediately the HR web sight for the company asked me to select my Affinity Group. My Choices: Veteran, African American, LGBT, Hispanic, Woman, Disabled, Asian, and (other/choose not to). Notice what was missing and how as a WASP-MALE I would have to choose "Other". 40% of the national population doesn't exist anymore for these people.