Thursday, November 3, 2016

Using Dry Ice and the Oven to Make a Compression Fit Was Easier Last Time

The problem is that I put one piece in a 350 degree oven and the other on dry ice.  The dry ice piece shrank from .4990" to .4971".  The heated piece grew by a similar amount, but not quite.  So I trimmed a bit off the frozen part, but a bit too much it seems.  I am using SuperGlue to make what a close fit into something immobile.  I have done this before with good results (the cold part expanded while the hot part shrank) and the result would not budge for anything, but that may have just been good luck.


Will said...

Did you trim that cold part while it was still chilled? If so, not advised. Dimensions can't be held accurately, and the expansion doesn't always happen where you think it would.

Will said...

Drat! Forgot to suggest that you use one of the Loctites. There are some that are designed for non-threaded assemblies. Like holding bearings from shifting/spinning. You can call them for suggestions for your particular application.

Clayton Cramer said...

Still chilled a bit. Probably part of the problem.