Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Supreme Court Vacancy...

isn't the only one Trump gets to fill.  From Empirical SCOTUS:
Let’s take a look at the current state of federal judicial vacancies. As we stand there are 103 vacant seats in the federal judiciary including eighty in the federal district courts. This is between 1/8th and 1/9th of the entire federal judiciary left vacant.
These vacancies have increased dramatically in number since President Obama was elected into office. In November 2008, 36 federal court seats were vacantHere is the current list of vacancies as well as pending nominees in cases where they exist. In addition to this list, the Office of the US Courts provides a list of judicial emergencies – a list that currently includes 38 unfilled judicial slots.
Over half of the vacancies have been ongoing for over 250 days. The chart below breaks down the count of vacancies by length for those that exceed the 250-day mark.


Jim said...

Wow! Not confirming all those Federal judges could be one of the best things the Republicans did (or didn't do)! I guess they haven't been totally worthless all this time after all!

Jack C said...

It's been said that most of the work the GOP has been doing over the last few years has been quiet, unremarked, and unrewarded, but they've done vital work in limiting the damage this administration could do. This could be a golden opportunity for which they should be applauded.