Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Republican #NeverTrumpers: I Hope You Feel Good About Trying to Elect a Progressive Democrat; That's All You Have to Show For Your Efforts

Trump has many deficiencies but at least we won't be having a civil war.  And your supposed fears about down-ticket races: Republicans still control the House and the Senate is likely going to be Republican.  A majority of governors are Republicans for a net loss of one.

Obviously, some people voted Libertarian and Green because of identification with those parties.  I needed to be more specific about who I was upset with: Republican #NeverTrumpers.


Jim said...

I am pretty much done with nevertrumpers who consider themselves "conservative", but I have to make a distinction between those who refused to support him and live in a state like California or Texas. They had the luxury of following their principles (whatever they were). The nevertrumpers in NC, FL, OH, etc. and the "conservative" commentators like George Will and Glenn Beck on the other hand have my scorn. They are just as much what we were fighting against as the Hildebeast.

Paul Sand said...

Swing-state (NH) Gary Johnson voter (and "#nevertrumper") here.

I appreciate the heads-up that my real goal was to elect a progressive
Democrat. That's a refreshing change from what I heard from a loved one
yesterday: that I was handing the election to Trump. Maybe you and she
could get together, decide on a sensible answer on what I was trying to
accomplish by voting, and let me know what the heck it was?

And here I thought I was voting for a candidate most in line, albeit
imperfectly, with my own political philosophy. (And, in a happy
coincidence, voting against two candidates who managed to combine
unacceptable character flaws with dreadful policy positions.)

What I have to "show for my efforts" is the same as after every
election: exactly the same outcome as if I'd voted for a
different candidate. And I feel just about as good about that as I ever
do: not great, but OK. Thanks for asking.

Clayton Cramer said...

I should have been more specific: Republican #NeverTrumpers. I can see why people with strong feelings of non-mainstream ideologies might vote elsewhere.