Saturday, November 5, 2016

Interesting Subscription Premuium

11/3/16 San Francisco Chronicle:
It would appear that gun control is a bigger deal in San Francisco now than it was 130 years ago. Back then the Chronicle was handing out pistols as an enticement to subscribe.

"Every farmer, Miner or Merchant traveling should have one of the Chronicle's American Double-Action Pistols, which we send you and the Weekly Chronicle for one year for $3.90," read an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1888.

According to Chronicle archives, premium subscribers were offered "the best paper published on the Pacific" in addition to the American-made full nickel-plated, five chamber gun..


Eskyman said...

If newspapers still did that, I might consider a subscription!

James Gibson said...

Talk about the light bulb coming on. One of the items I kept from my fathers estate was an inoperable revolver that was my grand father's. My dad supposedly tried to take it apart and put it back together in High School, only to find he couldn't. Anyway, the gun is "The American Double Action", nickel plated, .32 caliber ( Black Powder cartridge) and made by the H&R Arms company of Worchester Mass, USA.