Thursday, November 10, 2016

Imagine if Hilary Won, and Protestors Hit the Streets

11/10/16 Washington Post:
Demonstrations and vigils protesting the election of Donald Trump spread across the country late Wednesday and early Thursday, as thousands of people rallied against the president-elect in cities from coast to coast.

Condemning Trump's litany of crude comments about women and his attacks on immigrants, demonstrators marched along city streets, blocked intersections, burned effigies and, in some places, gathered outside buildings bearing Trump's name.
“Not my president,” chanted some of the protesters, while others waved signs with the same message.
At least 100 people were arrested at some of the protests, according to police officials, most of them at the gathering in New York. While most of the demonstrations remained peaceful, police in Oakland, Calif., said the rally there turned violent when some in the massive crowd injured three police officers by throwing rocks and fireworks at them....
Tensions flared particularly high on college campuses. At American University in Washington, students burned American flags and some shouted “F--- white America!”
How would the media portray the Deplorables?  Especially if they were engaged in racist rhetoric?

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Chas said...

The leftistas would be calling anti-Hillary protests an insurrection and calling for the police to use live ammo to put it down.