Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Devastating Article in the Guardian

If you don't read it often, it is the voice of the left end of the Labour Party.  10/31/16 Guardian:
They are the comfortable and well-educated mainstay of our modern Democratic party. They are also the grandees of our national media; the architects of our software; the designers of our streets; the high officials of our banking system; the authors of just about every plan to fix social security or fine-tune the Middle East with precision droning. They are, they think, not a class at all but rather the enlightened ones, the people who must be answered to but who need never explain themselves....

The dramatis personae of the liberal class are all present in this amazing body of work: financial innovators. High-achieving colleagues attempting to get jobs for their high-achieving children. Foundation executives doing fine and noble things. Prizes, of course, and high academic achievement.

Certain industries loom large and virtuous here. Hillary’s ingratiating speeches to Wall Street are well known of course, but what is remarkable is that, in the party of Jackson and Bryan and Roosevelt, smiling financiers now seem to stand on every corner, constantly proffering advice about this and that. In one now-famous email chain, for example, the reader can watch current US trade representative Michael Froman, writing from a Citibank email address in 2008, appear to namePresident Obama’s cabinet even before the great hope-and-change election was decided (incidentally, an important clue to understanding why that greatest of zombie banks was never put out of its misery).
Worth reading in full, especially for your Bernie-loving bosses who are planning to vote for Clinton.

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StormCchaser said...

Yeah, I caught that one. I posted it to my Facebook account.

So far, none of my lefty FB friends, who love The Guardian, have commented.

The article catches a lot of what drives fervent Trump supporters, although I don't think that's what they intended.