Monday, November 7, 2016

A Little Reality Here

I am running into people who may not vote for President because they want to vote for an evangelical Christian and I don't think anyone can kid themselves about Trump; Clinton is even more implausible in that category.  But not voting is effectively voting for Clinton.  Remember: this has no been even a sloppily Christian nation for many years.  Why should our leaders be different than the voters?


Jim said...

It's always amazed me that some people are so spoiled that they apparently think that they should be given the chance to vote on their ideal candidate. It also amazes me that people have such a narrow view of their vote - as though they don't recognize their vote has consequences beyond who they vote for. That's not said very well, but here in NC, I know people who will vote for Johnson. I lean a bit toward Libertarians (serious ones, anyway) but even if I loved what Johnson said and was luke warm about Trump, I wouldn't vote for him because the effect would be a vote for Clinton.

StormCchaser said...

I know a couple of evangelicals who say their religions forbid them from voting for Trump. I do not understand their logic. I am a Catholic and invoke an equivalent of the just war doctrine: a vote for the lesser of evils is justified.