Saturday, November 5, 2016

80% Receivers

I am tempted to do an 80% AR-10 lower.  I've always wanted one.  Earlier this year at a funeral a friend of the deceased showed me an AR-10 that he started from an 80% lower.  Anyone ever done one?  These people offer one for $99.95; these people offer a set of 5 for $362.  Because the drilling jig is a one-time purchase, several people should buy a 5 pack and share the jig.  Obviously, each person has to complete their own; once you make it for personal use, you really can't transfer it without a manufacturer's license.

Here's a very positive review of polymer80's 80%.  This is what the acquaintance referenced above used.  This seems to include the jig with each 80% lower.  The instructions assume a drill press, although I think I would use my mill.

A reader pointed me to this: sharing tools or doing completion work for another now makes you a maker and subject to licensing.


Will said...

If you have a vertical milling machine, no drilling jig is needed. Should be done to a dimensional drawing, and will be better than drilling. The corner radii normally determines the size milling bit needed for most of the job. An electronic x/y (+z) readout is best for limiting errors in distance. Your little CNC system might handle it.

Billll said...

Distributed Defense has or had a small CNC mill that shipped with software to make a lower from a bare block of aluminum, a 0% receiver if you will. Since you have a CNC mill, perhaps you should inquire about the software.