Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yet Another Argument Against Travelocity

When I cancelled our flight Monday morning, I was told we would get a bit more than $200 flight credit from each airline, good for a year.  What I wasn't told is there is a $200 change fee when you again book a flight with thos flight credits, making them worth about $60.  Nearly worthless but a good way to keep you dealing with Travelocity's barely comprehensible agents.  Next time I book entirely through the airline websites

Maybe I am mistaken, but when Travelocity started, I believe they charged the fare you would get directly from the airline.  Now I see they charge a booking fee on top of the ticket.  It isn't much but unlike traditional travel agents, who got a kickback from the airline allowing them to charge you the airline's price, now you pay extra to deal with people who I can barely understand, and vice versa.

Even more reason to skip these vampires: both United and Delta let you specify flexible dates and show you better fares (sometimes much cheaper) than Travelocity.


Jon said...

I had an unpleasant encounter with Travelocity a whil back that cost me, and haven't booked with them since. Horrible customer service.

Mauser said...

My trip to the Reno Air Races this year was over $200 more expensive than last year. But since they don't break out the Hotel and airfare prices separately, it's hard to tell where the increase came from.

Clayton Cramer said...

Mauser: part of why I check the airfare before signing up for flight + hotel.