Friday, September 2, 2016

Thunderbird No Longer Moves Junk to Junk Folder

This used to work very nicely.  If it detected junk or I tagged it as junk, it would automatically go the junk folder.  No more.  Any ideas?

Figured it out:

1. Tools->Message Filters

2. New (to create a new filter)

3. Very important Filter After Junk Classification (otherwise Junk Status is not one of the fields you can test)

4. Match all of the following: Junk Status is Junk

5. The rest is pretty obvious


Larry Sheldon said...

I had noticed that. I find stuff in the junk forlder, but I do thing stuff I mark goes straight to trash.

All of Mozilla is a disappointment to me.

I miss Mosaic.

John said...


John said...

Actually Eudora 7.

8 is basically tbird