Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mass Stabber in Texas Undergoing Psychological Evaluation

From April 10, 2013 CNN:
Quick told investigators he had fantasies of killing people and had been planning the attack for some time, sheriff's officials said late Tuesday. Quick used "a razor-type knife" to stab his victims, they added.
What a surprise.  And how will a gun control law prevent a tragedy like this?


Unknown said...

I'm sure the hoplophobes will simply add an amendment. Universal background checks for box cutters and exacto knives. And the evils of high-capacity blade refill packs---bans for those too!

Zach said...

I've already seen this used as an argument in favor of gun control:

"See! Nut goes amok, but with a knife instead of a gun, and no fatalities. This isn't rocket science, folks. Gun control saves lives."


Sigivald said...

I've never seen a "razor type knife" that was suited for stabbing, myself...

Windy Wilson said...

This is too much like one of those good news- bad news jokes:

The good news is, he didn't have a gun.
The bad news is no one else did.