Thursday, April 25, 2013

Man With Gun; Madman on Rampage in Public Place; Why The Mainstream Media Won't Cover It

From April 27, 2013 Salt Lake City, channel 4:
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A citizen with a gun stopped a knife wielding man as he began stabbing people Thursday evening at the downtown Salt Lake City Smith's store.

Police say the suspect purchased a knife inside the store and then turned it into a weapon. Smith's employee Dorothy Espinoza says, "He pulled it out and stood outside the Smiths in the foyer. And just started stabbing people and yelling you killed my people. You killed my people."

Espinoza says, the knife wielding man seriously injured two people. "There is blood all over. One got stabbed in the stomach and got stabbed in the head and held his hands and got stabbed all over the arms."

Then, before the suspect could find another victim - a citizen with a gun stopped the madness. "A guy pulled gun on him and told him to drop his weapon or he would shoot him. So, he dropped his weapon and the people from Smith's grabbed him."


  1. FYI the date on the story is 2012


    Still never heard this story on the News.

  2. Thankfully, the national MSM can't screen these types of stories anymore. Google's news aggregator is wonderful for retrieving local news stories, which would otherwise go unheard outside their local markets.

  3. A gun in the hands of a non-government person used for good? Unpossible!
    Actually Double-plus unpossible!

    For anybody but my stalinist sister-in-law, the mainstream media is about as reliable as Isvestia and Pravda were for news during the 50's-70's.

  4. Another thing the anti-second amendment people constantly say is if a citizen did use a gun for self-defense it would just lead to innocents being killed. If that's the case then were are all those stories!

    Just more proof of them being lying sacks of you know what....