Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why This Neighbor's Request to Planning & Zoning Upsets Me

He has decided that CC&Rs do not apply to him.  The wedding reception business he wants to operate from his white elephant home will have room for 250 guests, with portapotties to avoid exceeding septic tank capacity.  This is the view I have now.  Listen for the bird calls, and imagine bad karaoke, 250 guests, some of them drunk just down hill.


  1. Zoning does not override the CC&R's. If the neighbor is violating the CC&R's, and laches doesn't apply to your particular CC&R's, you can take legal action against him.

  2. I sympathize. We have the same issues here in Hidden Springs and Rolling Hills.

  3. Say, do you have enough room to set up a shooting range?

    And a Barrett. A Barrett would be nice....