Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nice design touches on the Jaguar XF

Usually, cars have the power window buttons self-illuminated so you can find them in the dark.  While driving home last night, my wife and I noticed the entire area illuminated by a diffuse blue light.


  1. I noticed my new(ish) XC70 has a blue LED on the roof by the reading lights ... that shines down to gently illuminate the cup holders.

    Fancy cars are all fancy these days.

  2. I'm betting it's an LED. My Volkswagon Rutan has a red LED in the overhead that gently illuminates the front control panel and cupholders.

    Small touches, but very nice ones.

  3. Does the Jag have color changing ambient interior lights like some of the Lincolns?

  4. I have a Hyundai. The center console is illuminated by a "mood light." Pretty nice but my wife finds it distracting when she drives at night.

    There is no mood light for the door. The switches for the windows are internally illuminated. Unfortunately the door lock and the window lock buttons are not illuminated, making it difficult at night.